Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My first Pink Wednesday! China Glaze Purple Panic

A day dedicated to my favorite... PINK. For my first Pink Wednesday I wanted to do something very bright. I know what your thinking, "Purple" Panic is NOT pink but it so is! I didn't look at the name when I grabbed the bottle off the display at ULTA, I just thought it was a pretty hot pink. When I finally got around to trying it I looked at the name and thought maybe it was mislabeled. The color is also a neon, which I have never bought. I also had no idea that neon's dry matte! Here goes:

I can't begin to explain to you how hard it is to capture the true color of this polish. I tried indoor and outdoor. This is the best out of 20 pictures I took. The brush holds A LOT of polish, so you will have to be careful about that. This could have been a 1 coater if the first coat didn't have such bad streaks. This is 2 coats (I messed up on the middle finger) which turned out good, but it needs a patient hand to paint with. I didn't have that, so I will try this again at a later date.

I didn't care for the matte this time around, maybe next time when I really take my time. I applied 1 coat of Seche Vite and OMG this color is cray cray! I LOVED IT! I really wish that the true color would have shown because you would be blown away.


Yay, another delivery!

So yesterday I posted a few pictures of new additions to my small growing collection. Most of my polishes are OPI and I want to try as many other brands as possible, and not be so limited. My delivery today is from two brands that I have not yet tried Kleancolor and Zoya. Zoya I have been dying to try but didn't know where to start. Since I didn't know where to start I decided to start outside of my comfort zone. I'm not big on red AT ALL, I just don't care for the color, the same with gold and yellow. Here is what I chose:

From left to right Zoya's: Purity, Pippa, Sooki, and Ivanka. I am in love with the show True Blood so that is why I chose this particular red. I really wanted a blood red for my first red polish and I definitely think I got that.

From left to right Kleancolor's: Winter Wonderland, Holo Pink, Silver Lining, Vegas Night, Chunky Silver.

From left to right Kleancolor's: Concrete Gray, Metallic Purple, Metallic Yellow, Metallic Red, Wild Rose.

All the colors that I chose were selected randomly so that I could have variety, except for Wild Rose and Vegas night with are pink and blue lol. I wanted to try a holographic nail polish so I chose pink as my first. I can't wait to share with you how these colors look on my nails :)