Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pink Wednesday

Good Morning Babes! Today for Pink Wednesday I have Models Own Pinky Brown. Pinky Brown is from the Beetlejuice Collection that came out this past fall. PB has the prettiest pink to brown duochrome shift with pink glitter. It looks like it has a very tiny sprinkling of holo glitter which I think is what gives it the glass flecked look. I don't know, I really stared at this polish for a long time and its just so interesting. I'm really bad at explaining this particular lacquer so I will just let the swatches do the talking. I used 2 coats in the swatches below, and SV as my tc.

Please excuse my dry cuticles, I rubbed vitamin e oil on the and they are still bad. This winter has not been kind to my poor hands, thus the nubbins. These swatches aren't my best due to cleanup being a bit hard because by the time I got around to my last swatches for the day my cuticles were extremely irritated (especially my ring and index fingers, ouch :o( ). So what do you think about Pinky Brown? I LOVE IT! Thanks for stopping by and reading :o)