Thursday, October 13, 2011

Puerto Rico Haul

Today I am one happy camper because I finally have some Bettina in my hands! My daughter Lala's Godmother is from Cidra, PR so when I found out that Bettina isn't the easiest to get your hands on I called her sweet sister and she kindly went Bettina hunting for me. I made a list of 29 polishes that I wanted and out of that she was able to find 27! In Puerto Rico Bettina retails for $2, so this haul is actually cheaper than most since I can get 9 Bettina's for the price of 1 Deborah Lippmann or 2 OPI's. Its a win win, so here's what I got, all names are from left to right:

Metallic Collection: Copper, Garnet. Gems Collection: Topaz, Platino. Candy Collection: Marshmallow, Cotton Candy.

Art Deco Collection: Purple, Aqua, Brown.

#28, #138, #187, #190 all from the main collection.

Nature Collection: Trees, Haze, Ocean, Clouds.

Resort Collection: Flip Flop, Mojito, Sunrise, Starfish, Pink Bikini.

Jeans Collection: Sand Blast, Indigo, Over Dyed, Glitter Jean, Premium Wash.

The two that were sold out everywhere were Vintage Jean from the Jeans Collection and Grape from the Candy Collection. None of these polishes are the full collections that I ordered other than the Jeans and one was sold out, these were just my picks based on colors that I'm usually not open to and wanted to try or colors that I love and don't have that particular shade. Best haul ever right? I went out on restriction with a bang!


Zoya Purity Stamp-icure

Today I have a simple stamp-icure (as I call them) for you. I stamped using BM 205 and Color Club's Hot Like Lava and Foil Me Once. I didn't want it to look super so I used two colors for the stamp and I like how it came out. I haven't swatched the Foiled Collection yet but they are really good to stamp with! Here's how it came out:

For the base I used Zoya's Purity. This is the best white polish that I have found so far, its very clean and a white that you can actually wear on its own. Two easy coats and so easy to paint with. It also dries very fast to a nice glossy finish that doesn't need a top coat but I always use one.

How do you think it came out? I think its cute! :)  Thanks for stopping by!