Monday, November 14, 2011

10 Day Challenge: Day 1 - Pink Nails

Good Morning Babes! Today Carolina from Colores de Carol, Tera from Nails in Nippon, Marta from Chitchat Nails and I will doing a 10 day mini challenge. I've been wanting to do a full 31 day challenge since before I started blogging, but for our first we agreed a mini challenge would be best to try first :o) . Today is Pink Nails which just so happens to be one of my favorite colors, so I chose a pink that I lemmed after like a madwoman and finally got it in a swap! Pink Summer by H&M from the Hello Kitty Collection is a dark hot pink. I would call this color Barbie's sexy side! I LOVE THIS COLOR and its officially my perfect pink! For the pictures below I used 2 coats but probably could have gotten away with 1 because its very pigmented. It dried quickly to a nice glossy finish. I used BM ip 220, a Hello Kitty ip that just has B87 on it but doesn't say who its by, and OPI Sparrow Me The Drama as my stamping polish. I really didn't want to stamp over this pink because I absolutely love it so much that I like wearing it on its own, so I chose a color to stamp with that would show up more like a shadow so that it doesn't overshadow Pink Summer. I used 1 coat of SV as my top coat.

Here's a picture of Pink Summer on its own with INM Out the Door as my tc. Isn't it the prettiest pink?!

What do you think of Pink Summer? Thanks for stopping by and letting me share the 1st day of our challenge with you. Don't forget to stop by Carolina, Marta, and Tera's blogs to see what they came up for their pink nails today, if you aren't followers of their blog yet your missing out because they are awesome! :o)