Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pink Wednesday!

For today's Pink Wednesday I'm doing a China Glaze edition. I have 3 pink China Glaze polishes and 1 crackle (I should have 5 but I will get into that at another time), so I'm going to knock out the 3 solids with 1 post as I have over 100 polishes to swatch through before I can add to my collection. What I'm showing you today is Sprinkles, Strawberry Fields, and Don't Touch My Tiara. Strawberry Fields I bought for obvious reasons - Its gotten rave reviews and I loved the unique color blend, Sprinkles I hadn't actually viewed a swatch before I purchased it but it was just so pretty that I couldn't resist (you will see why), Don't Touch My Tiara because it has a beautiful shimmery metallic look with a hint of pearl to it, and Broken Hearted because I was disappointed in OPI's Pink Shatter, I wanted it to be REALLY pink and it wasn't so I bought the Crackle (you will see this one on another day). Now onto the swatches...

Sprinkles - I LOVE this color! I think its absolutely FAB! This is officially my new favorite pink glitter until I can find something to top it! Its a medium pink polish with hot pink glitter. There's enough glitter for the glitter to be noticeable but not so much to where it would be inappropriate to where it to certain places like work. I used 3 thin coats to reach my desired opacity. Very easy to paint with, perfect formula, and good dry time. I used Seche as a top coat. I fell in love with the sprinkles, they really do look like sprinkles! The best part is that it translates onto the nail just as you see it in the bottle. I didn't want to take it off :(

With flash so you can see the gold micro shimmer.

Strawberry Fields - Well this polish speaks for itself because its so popular, and every blogger has blogged about it. Hot pink polish with gold micro shimmer. The formula is a little on the thick side but in a good way. Two easy coats and dry time was ok, I used Seche on this one as well.


Don't Touch My Tiara - A dark pink polish that looks like it could be a metallic or chrome polish in the bottle but it definitely is not. It has a sort of pearl  like flow to it that makes it really pretty in my opinion. The formula was thin but evened out perfectly and opaque at 2 coats. I used Seche as a top coat which drug the polish a little on my index finger (which you can see in the pictures), so I put that down immediately and grabbed INM Out the Door.

Which one is your favorite? I love Sprinkles and I can't wait until next summer to wear it a lot, hey I might be seen wearing it a few times this fall lol!