Friday, October 21, 2011


*GASP* I LOVE NICKI MINAJ! So you can imagine how crazy I'm going that she's getting her own collection with one of my favorite polish brands! I love seeing my sistas doing big things :) . The collection by OPI and is slated to hit shelves in early 2012! Check out what I'm going to get my hands on the very first day! :)

Edit: So apparently people were just running around trying to throw something together in excitement and had a few wrong pictures and names, but I went to OPI's fb page and here are the real colors below the picture of Nicki.

 L-R: Super Bass (Shatter), Metallic 4 Life, Save Me, Fly, Did It On Em, Pink Friday.

I'M GETTING ALL OF THEM! Are you as excited as I am about this collection, I LOVE NICKI! I'm especially excited about Save Me, doesn't it look like fun in a bottle?! Metallic 4 Life, Save Me and Pink Friday look pretty fun to!

Note: I got the picture and official names from OPI's fb page.


OPI He's My Boo

Good Morning Babes! Today I have OPI He's My Boo for today's mani. Yesterday was just a horrible swatch session, so I threw this on because I couldn't get it right. I will definitely have to make up for that today. He's My Boo is from the Spookettes mini collection, its your regular standard orange tone. This polish is a cream but the formula is very streaky and didn't even out until 3 coats. Dry time was ok but not the best, however it dried to a very glossy finish. I used a pumpkin water decal that came in the set, Nubar 2010 (this polish is thick, try very thin coats) just to see how it would look, Seche, and then I mattified it. It was very thick because I did a lot but I said I would post whether I like it or not because I'm learning as I go, so here's how it came out...

My decal has a wrinkle in it :(

With Nubar 2010

Mattified and I bumped my ring and pinkie finger
 It looked better before 2010 and matte. Eh bleh hopefully lovely things come to me when I swatch today. How do you like He's My Boo and what I experimented with it? Thanks for stopping by