Friday, March 9, 2012

Lacquistry Shredded

Good Morning Babes! Today I have a quick post to share Lacquistry Shredded with you. Shredded has a clear base packed with black irregular flakes similar to NYX Gilded Glitter but with bigger pieces. I layered 1 coat of Shredded over 2 coats of Ciate Cupcake Queen, which is a hot pink that has a beautiful blue micro shimmer with a formula that makes me want to throw the bottle against the wall and smash it to bits. I hate that this beautiful pink has a suckey formula, and application is just as bad because it doesn't level out at all and it wants to flood your cuticles no matter how thin of a coat you apply. I do really like it under Shredded though, so onto the swatches...

What do you think of Shredded over CQ? I don't know what's up with the second picture being a little dark, they were both taken in my light box without flash :-/ ... Anyhoo you know I love this combo over pink, and I definitely want to try it over a nice cornflower blue! Thanks for stopping by and checking out what I have to share with you today. Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for Day 4 of the Black and White Challenge! Have a great weekend :o)