Friday, December 2, 2011

Bettina Week: Mini Spam

Good Morning Babes and Happy Friday! Today I have a little bit of Bettina Spam to share with you. In the swatches below I used 2 coats and no tc.

Bettina 187 is a very deep dark pink with purple undertones that almost overwhelm the pink. Application was flawless and dry time was very good. IRL this is much darker and there is absolutely no red to it, but this a one of those days where the sun being out wasn't in my favor.

Metallic Copper is a deep golden brown metallic polish with gold and bronze glitter. For a metallic it has a really good formula, that you don't have to worry about brush strokes with. Dry time is a little slower than the average Bettina dry time and I had a bump so on this one I used INM OTD becasue I had to touch up my middle finger. This shade is from the Metallic Collection.

Glamour Midnite is a gorgous black polish loaded with silver glitter. This is from the Glamour Collection and I absolutely love this shade. The formula was amazing and very easy to work with. In true Bettina form it dried at lightning speed. The pictures do it absolutely no justice, its to die IRL.

What do you think of these 3 lovlies? Copper really isn't my cup of tea against my skin tone but it is very pretty. Thanks for stopping by :o)