Monday, November 21, 2011

10 Day Challenge: Day 8 - Favorite Movie or Inspired by a Movie

Good Morning Babes and welcome to Day 8 of challenge. Today is movie nails and I chose something that I have been wanting to do - Breakfast at Tiffany's! When I bought the infamous For Audrey by China Glaze months ago, I already knew that the first time I would use it would be to do a movie inspired mani. However, the mani is nothing like how I envisioned it because my Chez Delaney plates that I ordered and shipped over 3 weeks ago are still not here, so I had to scramble to alter the mani. I started off with 2 coats of For Audrey, sponged Zoya Trixie, then stamped with Bundle Monster ip 212 and Born Pretty Store ip M77, added a few pieces of glitter from Kleancolor Chunky Silver, and topped it off with a coat of SV. What I went with was the fashion part of the movie because I just loved what she wore and her accessories. IRL this mani looks much better. I wasn't able to capture a single good picture of how it really looks out of about 100, but either way I'm still not happy with it because I envisioned something completely different... :O(   Onto the nail fail...

My Challenge Mates:
Carolina - Colores de Carol
Marta - Chit Chat Nails 

Below are pictures of the colors that I used, and movie stills (source attached in link) of my inspiration behind each nail. I tried to put them in order for the most part according to my nails. The images are pretty small because when I tried to enlarge them they became blurry.


Thanks for stopping by and letting me share my movie nails with you. How do you like them? Don't forget to check on my challenge buddies to see what they've done for movie nails and to follow their lovely blogs if you aren't already - Carolina, Tera, and Marta. Oh and I forgot to mention it yesterday but I hit my 2 month mark of blogging!