About Me

My name is Marketta (Mar-Key-Ta) but many call me Keta or K. This blog is something fun I decided I would do that my life is in no way centered around because I have a small child. Painting my nails is just something that I love to do. I am not a beauty expert of any sort, I'm just a girly girl that loves to try different things. So in this blog you will see my love affair with nail polish! Originally my blog was called Pink N Blue Polish Obsession but I thought that much to long so I shortened it to Pink Polish Addict. Blue has always been my favorite color, pink falls just a smidgen behind, but pink sounded better in the name so that's how I settled on a name.

I started painting my nails because I got tired of wanting a particular color but the bottle was almost empty. I would ask the nail tech if there was another like this and they would disappear to the back and return with the same exact bottle but completely filled to the rim with polish. Did she fill it up with remover, a similar color, what the heck did she put in it? It was just so strange to me. There was also the using of files that had white residue which meant that it had clearly been used on another customer, sitting next to someone while getting a pedicure that looks like they have athletes foot, fungus and etc, its just unsanitary. I liked the application however, so I would cut and file my finger and toe nails myself at home, bring my own polish (base coat, color, and top coat) to the nail salon so that they can paint my nails with my own stuff. BUT (there's always a but) I noticed that no matter where I went it just really made them mad that I had my own stuff, my nails were already filed how I wanted, and that I didn't want to get all the extra services (full mani and pedi etc), just my polish change so I could go. That's when I just said I would teach myself the proper way of painting so that I can do my own nails. I wanted to find the perfect blue and pink polish, and when I googled it I was amazed! I had no idea that there was a community for nail polish lovers or how blogging worked. That's where it started turning into an obsession, finding out about many brands I knew nothing about, swatches, polish reviews, and the list goes on. I accumulated a lot and decided I would join the nail blogosphere and share my journey of learning the best techniques, tools, designs and the whole nine. One day I would love to make and sell my own frankens and evolve from that :)