Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dr's Remedy Positive Pink

Good Morning my loves! Today I have a lovely pink from Dr's Remedy to share with you. Positive Pink is a dusty pink creme that is in the Barbie pink family. PP was released for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 2011. The formula was a little on the thin and runny side, but it was easy to manage and fully opaque in 3 thin coats. Dry time was pretty good, and it dried with a nice glossy finish. IRL its a tiny bit darker, and dustier. It reminds me of Sparrow Me The Drama by OPI (which I will do a comparison for soon). In the swatch below I used no tc.

Just because I wanted to try out my Red Angel plates that I got for Christmas I decided to spruce this mani up a little. I just picked a random plate and design and didn't put much thought into it. I used special polish in Psyche Pink, ip RA-108. I don't care for how the design came out all. It would probably look much better on a black and white combination, blue and white, any other combo than what I chose lol. That aside that plates stamp wonderfully, because the images are etched out nice and deep and grab easily. I think I just pressed down much to hard (because its a little smudged together) because that's what I had to do with all the other ip's to get a good transfer. The picture with flash shows the design a bit better...

What do you think about Positive Pink? Positive Pink I like, the stamping eh bleh. Perhaps I will try something a bit more delicate next time, last time I will do a blind pick lol. Thanks for stopping by babes :o)


                                                                               (***Product Sent For Review***)