Monday, January 16, 2012

Cult Nails Feel Me Up

Good Morning Babes! Today is day 1 of Cult Nails Week! If your new to reading my blog, last year I was supposed to do a weekly series for a month in an attempt to dwindle down my untried's (I have over 200 :-/). I went to visit family for a few weeks, and with all of the holiday madness I didn't get to finish that or my Christmas challenge. So what you will be seeing from me is a lot of catching up. Feel Me Up (funny story here behind the name) is a lovely buttercup toned yellow jelly/creme hybrid. I got this baby along with the other 3 LE's during the Black Friday sale as an early Christmas gift from my parents. The formula was amazing which I hear is not the case for most yellows, and its fully opaque with 3 thin coats. Yellows frighten me a little because they don't normally play nice with those of us who have a lil bit of melanin going on in our skin tone. BUT I love this and actually got many compliments in person around my neighborhood and on twitter when I tweeted a little sneak peek. Enough rambling and onto the yumminess...

What do you think of Feel Me Up? Maria of R3 Daily and founder and creator of Cult Nails has been hitting it out of the ballpark with all of her collections. I own 11 of her lacquers and all 11 have amazing formulas (which I heard almost all the others do also) which I can't say about a lot of major brands. Have you tried Cult Nails yet? Thanks for stopping by and letting me share this lovely with you :o)