Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mail Time!

I just checked the mail and I am super excited! Over the past couple of months I have seen the name Ciate pop up so I was curious. Ciate is a UK brand that was founded and created by celebrity manicurist Charlotte Straughan. One thing that caught my eye was the bottle, isn't if fab? So naturally since I am on the hunt for the perfect pink and perfect blue, I started with 2 pinks.

On the left is Cupcake Queen which is a hot pink cream polish that has a slight shimmer to it. In the bottle the shimmer has a blue hue to it, so it will be interesting to see what it looks like on my nails. On the right is Knickerbockerglory which is a fuschia pink, and it is also a cream polish.

Spookettes is OPI's Halloween 2011 collection that I really wanted to try. I didn't want full size bottles so I decided to try the minis. From left to right: He's My Boo is your basic regular orange. Mummy Knows Best is white (I already own Alpine Snow, another reason for going mini). I Only Date Werewolves is black (I also own a black by OPI). Zom-Body To Love is a dark green which glows in the dark. The last polish I actually tried to buy in the regular 0.5 oz but it only came in a duo with black shatter which I already own. The week of Halloween I am going to have fun with all 4 colors and try different manicures, and I can't wait!


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