Thursday, November 17, 2011

10 Day Challenge: Day 4 - Animal Print

Good Morning Babes! Day 4 is Animal Print Nails for Carolina, Tera, Marta and I! I really wanted to do animal print nails because I haven't really done them at all since I started blogging. I chose red because its really a color that I have always avoided and just haven't cared for, but when I started blogging I said I was going to try all colors and be open minded. For the swatches below I used 2 coats of Bettina Candy Marshmallow as my base, then sponged with Bettina Resort Bonfire, after that I added 1 coat of INM Northern lights, and last I stamped with BM IP 223 and special polish black.  I topped it off with a thick coat of SV and fell in love. My nails are getting to long for the IP's so its time to file them down lol. Onto the swatches...



How do you like my fire red animal print? I'm not really crazy about red but I really like this and got a lot of compliments about them. Boo Thang said these are very nice! Don't forget to stop by Tera, Marta and Carolina's blogs to see their animal print mani's today! Thanks for stopping by and see you tomorrow for our Blue Nails :o)



  1. I love the red tips! I am not a huge fan of red but you did it great! Now you have to try leopard!

  2. You should definitely use red more, it's great on you!

  3. Girl embrace the red! I used to shy away from it too... now I have at least 20 red bottles and love each one of them. Red is challenging to stamp with (to find a compatible stamp) and you, my friend, have done a great combo here!
    I have to say that it helps that you chose red and white (Polish flag colours lol)... which makes me happy ;)
    Lovely, and the topcoat rules!

  4. I love it.. somehow, some kind of way..Im going to get some Bettina polishes.. they are goregeous!!


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