Sunday, October 2, 2011

Polish Hauls

I've been meaning to update but just kept forgetting. I'm currently on polish restriction and I am allowing myself to buy anymore polishes until I swatch my entire collection. I will probably have 2 more haul posts as I have some babies floating around out there that haven't made it to me, and I have family in Puerto Rico sending me a bunch of Bettina polishes (I am nearly bursting for those to arrive!)  :) . So this haul is actually from a few different places that I will explain below:

This haul comes from a trip to my local Target. From left to right Burt's Bees shea butter hand repair cream, Sally Hansen green (the sticker was missing on the top so I have no name or number for you, sorry :-/ ), Sun Kissed, White On, Black Out, Celeb City, NYC 105 Starry Silver Glitter, NYC 130 Classic Coral Creame, and Burts Bees lemon butter cuticle cream (which I have heard is amaze).

Amazon haul: Deborah Lippmann Ruby Red Slippers, Some Enchanted Evening (was on sale for $12 so I got two, one for me and the other for when I have a giveaway), and Lady Sings the Blues.

Sally Beauty Supply haul: INM Out the Door top coat and Northern Lights holo top coat.

ULTA haul: Seche Vite, OPI natural nail base coat, OPI - Pirates of the Carribean Collection.  Zoya - Phoebe matte, Mitzi matte, and Lolly matte. China Glaze Broken Hearted crackle. There was a sale at ULTA today when you buy 2 you get one free (OPI) and also a top or base coat for that combo too, so thats how I got the Seche and the OPI base coat - They Were FREE :)

Sephora haul is all Nails Inc: Kensington Caviar (which is supposed to work good to prevent staining), Electric Lane holo glitter topcoat, Fitzroy Square, Sloane Square, Bloomsbury Square, Connaught Square. The last four are from the 3D Glitter Collection new to Sephora.

From left to right Misa Spaced Out and Gray Matters, China Glaze Don't Touch My Tiara, Sprinkles and Snow Globe. I believe I got the two Misa and CG Snow Globe are from Trans Design, and the two pink CG are from Victoria Nail and Beauty Supply. I got them mixed up while taking the picture, which is why I should have taken a picture when it first came in the mail.

Ok so the two pink CG from the last group and these two pictures above all came from Victoria Nail and Beauty Supply. What I have here is Color Clubs Foil and Beyond the Mistletoe collections (since its the whole collection I am not going to name them) and Blue-topia.

Whew, so that concludes my haul and I'm now up to date. I won't be putting that off again lol. My polish collection is updated every time I get a new polish, so it never needs to be updated. Stay tuned for swatches :)



  1. WOW!
    This is a very nice haul!
    A lot to swatch!

  2. I know, WOW is right, thats why I'm on polish punishment until I swatch my whole collection lol. Thanks, I think I did pretty good on this haul :)


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