Thursday, May 3, 2012

China Glaze Capitol Colours: Harvest Moon and Electrify

Hello Babes! Its been a looooong while and I truly am sorry about that, but A LOT has been going on and I just need to take care of things that are going on in my life. I do miss all of you and blogging dearly though. Tons of swaps and hauls to swatch and share with you, and also a lot that I swatched but have yet to edit and post. With Picnik closing and my refusing to spend buckets on PS, I had to reach out for help on Twitter and I finally found good (so far) new home to edit my pictures. Hopefully this month I can get back to my old routine and schedule posts daily. I noticed that I've had a few swatches sitting in my drafts, I know bad bad me. What I have to share with you today is 2 colors from China Glaze Capitol Colors Collection.

Harvest Moon: Crystallized Copper Shimmer. Is a copper foil with a rainbow assortment of micro glitter. Initially I really thought I would really dislike this color and I generally steer clear of shades like this because they wash me out BUT I LOVE IT! The formula was amazing and it reached full opacity in 2 thin coats. Dry time was average, nothing to write home about. No top coat used for this swatch.

Electrify: High-wattage gold and ruby red glitter blend. Not much to really add to that description because its spot on. Formula was actually not bad for this to be such a jammed packed glitter. I applied 2 thin coats over Harvest Moon to get this look. I think at 3 coats it would have reached opacity on its own. This baby is a top coat eater so your going to need to double up. I'm not particularly crazy about this polish, because I feel like it belongs in the holiday season maybe?... I know that's when I will most likely bring it out again to use for nail art.

I know you've already seen so many swatches of this collection that you could cry, but I didn't get to share mine yet. What do you thing of Harvest Moon and Electrify? I really like the first but the second is meh. Thanks for stopping by to see what I have to share.


Individual shades retail for $7.  The collection will be available in a 12-piece counter display as well as open stock colors.

China Glaze® is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde. China Glaze® nail lacquers are available through salons and professional beauty supply stores nationwide. For more information, visit: or follow China Glaze on Facebook and Twitter:

**Products provided for review**


  1. Harvest Moon is gorgeous on you!!! Hope you're doing okay hon.

    1. Thanks Marisa! I'm doing ok, things are starting to get better so I should be fully back soon!

  2. whoa, electrify is so IN YO FACE!!! love itttt :DD
    totally agree w/you btw, it's reallyyyyy holiday looking! that's the main reasons i didn't pick it up myself, since i cant see myself using it too often :x

  3. Pretty! Love Harvest Moon, looks amazing with your gorgeous skin! I feel the same about Electrify...


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