Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Readers Request: Essie Ruby Slippers

Good Afternoon Babes! Today I have a readers request from the lovely Maria from Nails Made Simple. A few of my fellow bloggers and I were talking about polish on Twitter and Ruby Slippers came up. I said that I have it  but haven't swatched it yet. Maria asked if I could so she could see it on a similar skin tone, so of course I said yes because she's such a sweetheart. Essie's Ruby Slippers is an amazing red jelly packed with red, golden copper, and very sparse silver glitter. The golden copper glitter is what gives it that "glow from within" look and a lot of depth. The formula is pretty good for an intense glitter and was fully opaque in 2 easy coats. A little wait time is suggested between coats or you will have some drag going on. Dry time was reasonable, but it does dry a little dull with texture, so a nice thick tc (I used SV) is necessary. RS is very much on the HTF side and is the original Ruby Slippers released. OK enough of the rambling and onto the swatches...

This polish is 10x as amazing in person, and I definitely consider it to be a necessary part of every polish addicts collection! I'm not crazy about red but I love this! The last picture is intentionally blurry so that you can see at least some of the copper that is VERY much there in person. What do you think of Ruby Slippers? Thanks for stopping by :o)



  1. I wish I got this polish when it first came out. Now I can't find it anywhere for a decent price. It sucks because it's so pretty!

  2. I think this is beautiful! I love all the flecks in it.

  3. Ruby Slippers is a timeless stunner!

  4. aww Marketta thanks for the lovely words! <3 <3 this color looks so beautiful on you .. but why did i have to pick a polish that is hard to find! damm!

    your swatches are beautiful!


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