Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bettina Week: #12

Good Morning Babes! Today I have Bettina #12 to share with you today. #12 is an amazing nude creme polish with peach undertones, and very subtle silver micro shimmer that adds just the right touch. I bought this nude because I believe that even if you don't care for nudes (raises hand) you should have a nice little variety of at least 3 perfect nudes (my all time fave is Cruisin Nude). I used 2 coats for the swatches below, BPS ip m60, special black polish, and SV as my tc.

There was a little smudging on my ring finger when I applied SV and a little of the design didn't want to stamp on but we all know how temperamental the stampers can be lol! I pressed down super hard to lol. The 2nd picture has flash. Can you tell that it was getting dark outside by the time I finished my stamping? Ahahaha. Here's a swatch of #12 on its own.

What do you think of #12 and the stamp I chose to go with it? The 2nd picture has flash so that you can see the subtle shimmer becasue it doesn't capture well. I actually really really like this, which I didn't think I would because nudes are touch and go with my skin tone. So I'm adding this to my nudes that I love, its not as flattering as Cruisin Nude by Cult Nails is on me (which I wear alone) but it great in a totally different way. Thanks for stopping by :o)



  1. This nude is so pretty and looks so nice on you Marketta.
    I love the design, came out prefect!

  2. I think it's a beautiful color I like the peachy ness in it and I think it looks good on you, very pretty stamping.

  3. I love colors like these (have a hard time calling them nudes bc that's not what my skin look like "nude", lol!) Love the stamping too.


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