Tuesday, November 15, 2011

10 Day Challenge: Day 2 - Rainbow Nails

Good Morning Babes and welcome to Day 2 of the challenge. Rainbow Nails is what Carolina, Tera, Marta and I have to share with you today. Originally I was going to try my first tape mani but I had so many things going on in my head that I wanted try that I just settled on something a little simpler and I will revisit the tape mani in the near future. For my base I used 2 coats of Bettina Clouds, I sponged with all Bettina colors (picture of colors shown below), and stamped with BM IP 201 using special white polish. I topped it off with INM Northern Light holo tc, and then SV.

Here's all the colors that I used while doing this mani.

Thanks for stopping by for day 2 of our challenge! I'm a little mixed about my rainbow nails, I don't really care for how they came out. I said they were a total fail and asked Boo Thang what he thought and he co-signed and said yeah they are. What does he know about nails anyway? Pssssch. LOL! Don't forget to stop by Marta, Tera, and Carolina's blogs to see what they did for their rainbow nails today and if you aren't already following them don't hesitate to click that Follow button!



  1. I almost used the same ip. You did a good job Marketta.
    I love your rainbow!

  2. Oh, but I think they look very cute and sweet!

  3. Very bright and fun, I like! I love the little cloud stamp as well! I was thinking at the end of my rainbow mani that I needed something like Northern Lights to add over mine, but realized I don't have anything like that, great minds think alike though, huh!

  4. What!? There are NOT a fail... let me tell you why ;)
    1) I like how you used bright colours but they still look soft/pastel to me... very very pretty
    2) love the alternating shades between fingers... its a chopped rainbow effect and I'm a fan
    3) the soft stamping is the perfect touch
    4) and the micro glitter! LOOOOOOOVE!

  5. Thanks Ladies!

    @Carolina... When I went to your page this morning I said Uh Oh lol but the stamp and colors are different WHEW LOL!

    @Marta... Your so sweet. I wanted to do traditional rainbow colors on some and alternate with bright colors on the others. I was thinking Fruity Pebbles LOL!

    @Tera... I LOOOOOVVVEEEE Northern Lights! It's my favorite top coat and my secret weapon if I don't think my mani came out the best lol. CG has one thats basically a dupe called Fairy Lights I believe, but I like NL better.

  6. These are cute! I love your choice of colors =)

  7. Nice!!! You guys are Awesome with these rainbows!!


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