Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pink Wednesday! Bettina #190

Good Morning Babes! For today's Pink Wednesday I used Bettina #190 and I stamped with Konad ip M56 with Konad special polish in white. #190 which I found out is also called Wild Orchid, is a dark hot pink with purple undertones, magenta? The formula was a little watery but very easy to work with, and is opaque in 2 thin coats. Dry time is very fast and it dries to a nice glossy finish. I used SV as my top coat after the stamping.

Here's a swatch of #190 on its own with no top coat. I just can't get enough of the high gloss finish of Bettina polishes! Its darker IRL than it is in the pictures.

What do you think of #190? Thanks for stopping by :)



  1. very nice, your stamping looks great!

  2. Thanks Ladies! Cris I love this color! Bettina has surpassed my OPI collection!

  3. this is the cutest thing I've seen all week :D

  4. Love the stamping and the base color. So cute! :)


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