Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nails Inc Special Effects 3D Glitter Collection

Today I have four polishes by Nails Inc. to show you. Fitzroy Square, Bloomsbury Square, Connaught Square, and Sloane Square are part of the collection new to Sephora. I've never tried Nails Inc. so I was pretty excited to try these out. For each polish I used Kensington Caviar base coat (by Nails Inc. which is supposed to prevent staining and very good for your nails), two coats of polish and 1 coat of Seche to finish it off.

Connaught Square - a clear base with blue and chunky purple glitter. Very easy to work with for such a jammed packed glitter polish. Cleanup was piece of cake piece of pie, you don't have to worry about using the foil method for any of these.

Fitzroy Square - a clear base polish with green glitter and chunky teal glitter. I personally think this is the star of the collection. I was very surprised that I loved it so much because I was just thinking green, but its really more of a turquoise. Very beautiful color that was very easy to work with!

Bloomsbury Square - a clear base with purple glitter and chunky red glitter. I didn't like this one at all. I think that the red glitter was to overpowering of the purple, maybe hints here and there would have been better. It could just be that I didn't like it on my skin tone, but either way I didn't like this one at all. This one also had the only hard to work with formula, it was the most difficult buy very thick and goopy. Also, this one was the only one that the glitter was a bit of a nightmare to clean up and dry time was slow...

No flash

Sloane Square - a clear base with silver glitter and chunky iridescent glitter. This polish was very easy to work with but is definitely a layering polish. It doesn't build to opacity easily like the others but I think it would look really good layered on top of OPI's Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees.


No flash

My only major complaint is the brush which is really soft and flimsy. I'm definitely not jumping for joy over this collection, so I think I will just try some of Nails Inc. regular polishes and stay away from their glitters until I'm wowed. The sun is back in hiding, so getting good pictures really sucked and I wasn't really happy with any of them but I wanted you to see this collection. What do you think of this collection?



  1. I don't own any Nails INC polish, they look amazing.
    Thank you for the swatches.


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