Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Layla Magneffect Changing Lilac

What I have for you today is my first magnetic mani! I was super excited to try this because of the effect it has on the polish. What you do is paint you nails, and right after applying polish you put the magnet as close as you can get it to the nail without actually toughing it. You have to do one nail at a time because it needs to be done the second you finish your last brush stroke. There are a few different ways you can do it, up/down, side/side, and diagonally which I did. I ordered my magneffect from Aveyou Beauty Boutique, and here's my first attempt:

This is two coats with a top coat of INM Out the Door. This polish is thick but easy to manage, and the brush holds a lot of polish so you will want to clean some off before applying. I really didn't need the super fast drying top coat because dry time is really good on this polish. If you look at my index finger I didn't have the magnet quite as diagonal as the others, so make sure you pay attention to that (I don't know about you but stuff like that bugs me to no end if I plan of wearing the mani for a few days) Let me show you a few more pictures...

What do you think about Changing Lilac?


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