Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 7: Black And White With Glitter

This is extremely late and I am sorry about that, but I will be posting the last four throughout the weekend. Today I have Black and White with glitters to share with you for Day 7. Originally when I saw this day I said that it would be my chance to use my Nubar Black and White Dots, but I passed because I thought there might be a chance that one of my other challenge mates might do it at some point during this challenge. This one really stumped me because there aren't a ton of black and white glitters out there to chose from (def wasn't about to use CTD). So what I finally decided to do is an alternating black and white nails and layer Dollish Polish Team Salvatore over each. I absolutely LOVE this glitter and definitely see myself getting great use out of it! I'm mad for not posting this the day of the challenge because it was a big hit on IG, but finally I have time to sit at the computer and play catch up. Onto the yumminess...

My Challenge Mates:
Wacky Laki
WelcomeTo Brianna's World!
My Little Vanities

Don't you just love Team S?! I originally had a different type of mani planned until this baby came in the mail the day of the challenge. I feel bad that its been sitting in drafts unpublished, but better late than never :o) . Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Gogrgeous! I have TS coming to me and I can't wait!!

  2. looks great, love it :-D
    hooray for salvatore team *.*


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