Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 6: Color Base With White

Good Morning Babes! Today I had to pick a color base with white. I used Kiko 341 as my base, special white polish, Shany ip SH22, and Seche Vite as my top coat. I just love 341, its such a bright fun tealish turquoise? It was super hard to capture however, but I managed to pretty much get what it looks like in the second picture...

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What do you think of the stamp pairing? I really like this color with the white stamping and design, it kind of called to me lol. I'm sorry about all the glares but I had to get super close with the flash in the first picture, and far away with the flash and zoom in with the second picture. The quality of the second picture seriously sucks. I have no idea why it wouldn't let me enlarge without really making the picture blurry, but I did have to take this picture as far away as I could just to get the true color. I'm going to have to swatch 341 again during the daytime to see if I can get better picture. Anyhoo don't forget to check out what the other lovelies came up with today :o) Thanks for stopping by!



  1. I did blue and white too... lol!
    I love your manicure so much, and I adore KIKO nail polishes, they are amazing.

  2. I also wanted to do blue base with white for this challenge, but I ended up with something looking REALLY bad, so now I ended up with red base and white stamping =).
    Yours look really pretty =). I love it =)
    Please do not tempt me any more with those beautiful stamping designs =)

  3. Beautiful. I really like this color with white stamping. In reverse it would probably look like a china patter!

  4. I love this! Blue and white always look so fresh together :-)

  5. Beautiful color combo & beautiful stamping!


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