Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bettina Grape

Good Afternoon Babes! Today I have Bettina Grape from the Candy Collection (which I still need to share swatches of). Candy is a pretty periwinkle blue creme that took 2 coats to become fully opaque. Dry time was really good and it dried to a nice glossy finish. For the swatches below I used Konad ip m78, special white polish, and SV as my tc.


Here's Grape on it's own...

What do you think about Grape? I really love this blue, but I absolutely hate my nubbins! This stamp was actually too small for my nails before, so I'm happy to be able to go stamp crazy. However, I can't do this short of length, so I will grow them out to a nice comfortable short length that I'm happy with and can still enjoy stamping. Thanks for stopping by to let me share with you :o)



  1. Love Grape! Was sort of expecting it to be purple or something but this periwinkle shade is stunning! I really think short nails suit you by the way :)

    1. Yeah I was a little surprised that it was blue also, I was expecting a nice unique lighter purple. Thanks, they are a bit unusual for me lol I need a little bit more length.

  2. They're just gorgeous! <3 You should love them not hate them! :)

  3. I love the base color, and the stamping is so pretty.
    I love your nubbins! ;)

  4. Don't worry about the nubbins they look great! And that blue is amazing!

  5. You've got nice long nailbeds so your nubbins look longer and not so nubbin-esq. ;)
    Iknow what you mean about the length though, I used to try to grow my nails and they peel. Now I prefer them short as I have come to terms with nature, Lol, but if I accidentally cut them too short for me, they feel & look kind of odd to me.
    I think you picked a really nice pattern to go with this color! I'm tempted to buy the same Konad plate and I've never used any nail stamps before.

  6. This is a really pretty color. Not what I would think of when I hear grape, but pretty nonetheless.

  7. The name Grape kinda throws me off but I do love that blue and that stamp! I hate nubbins on myself just because having them short hurts the tips of my fingers. I guess because I am used to having them long? Are you the same way? But the nubbins look good on you!

  8. The name grape threw me off also ladies lol! I was expecting a lavender type color from the pictures.

  9. Aww, I think the shorties are cute!

    I was expecting the colour to be purple considering the name, but it is a pretty blue!

  10. I love the colour, it is very nice on you !
    and the stamping is great !


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