Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ozotic 528

Good Morning Babes! Today I have a one of my biggest lemmings to share with you, Ozotic 528! 528 has a clear base packed with green, pink, purple, and blue glitter. This is absolutely amazing, just tons of fun in a bottle! This beauty was a surprise that I got in my box when I ordered aEngland Lady of the Lake from Leah Ann over at Llarowe! I literally screamed when I opened up the box because 528 (along with 532) are the 2 Ozotics that I have just been drooling over! If you aren't familiar with Llarowe she's a US stockist of hard to get and international brands (aEngland, Ozotic/Picture Polish, Glitter Gal, Hits, Ludurana, and now Lynnderella). Don't forget to follow her on Twitter and FB to stay up to date on what she has going on. Ok, for the swatches below I used 1 coat of OPI Black Onyx (seriously opaque in 1 freaking coat!!!), 1 coat of 528, and no tc.

What do you think of the lovely 528? I'm going to try layering it over some of the other colors that are packed in here to see what it looks like and what colors really pop. I wonder what it would look like over pink or purple... Hmmm I can't wait to try those combo's out! IRL this looks 20x better, I promise its nothing short of amazing! Thanks for stopping by to let me share with you and enjoy your Sunday :o)



  1. So pretty! I bet if would look fab over a green or a blue. But over black it's breathtaking. I must get one!

  2. Wow what a fun shade!
    An ozotic polish has yet to grace the drawers of my helmer :D maybe one day :D lol


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