Friday, October 7, 2011

Purple Passion: A mani for Brittany

One of my best friends Brittany was the biggest supporter of me starting a blog, and even though she doesn't blog she was one of my first followers. Her favorite color is purple and she loves shopping and shoes, so I thought I would do a few purple manicures for her :) . I used OPI's Funky Dunkey as my base color, BM plates 213 and 221, and Konad special polish in black. Here's what I came up with:

Animal print and heels <3 ! I was going to do all leopard print but I had another plate sitting out from doing a failed Halloween stamping and there were shoes on that plate also! VOILA! Funky Dunkey is actually just a tiny bit darker than how it photographed, it was a little hard to capture inside and out today, but its close enough :)

Just to try out my new topcoat I put on INM Northern Lights which is a holo, after Seche Vite of course.

Outside with flash

Here's Funky Dunkey with a top coat of INM Out the Door (a thinner version of Seche Vite thats perfect for just wearing colors plain, SUPER FAST dry time). The first coat of Funky Dunkey was really streaky but cleared up and evened out perfectly on the second coat. The brush holds a ton of polish so you will want to remove some first. So what do you think of Brittany's Purple Passion mani? I love how it came out!



  1. WOW!
    I love the final result! Awesome!!

  2. wooow! Stunning! The last picture looks amazing. Your stamping is spot on


  3. Thanks Ladies! @Sarahlouise1984... The sun was being nice that day and I was able to capture a few good pics :)

  4. Aww chica!! I love it! U are truly amazing! TWO posts just for me :):) U do realize u are turning me into a polish-junkie?!?! Lol


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