Monday, October 17, 2011


So today my heart was fluttering all over the place because I got my swap package from Catharina from Nails by Catharina (Check out her blog, I love her!), all the way from Sweden. This is both of our first swaps and I love doing them and plan on doing many more and have a few in the works :) . This swap is especially special to me because I got FIVE polishes that I have been drooling over for months that aren't available in the US. Also Catharina (and Neglelakkmani) were the first blogs that I ever stumbled upon while I was googling "Perfect Pink Polish" and ever since then I have been a frequent visitor of her blog. Here's what I got:

L-R: Notoriously Beautiful, Peppermint Fusion, Blue My Mind, HK Corrall Summer, HK Pink Summer.

All are H&M polishes that aren't available here at the H&M's in the US. Blue is my most favorite color in the whole wide world and it shares that place with pink that comes in just a smidgen behind. These were the polishes on my wish list that I had the *** by it, and I got ALL the ones from H&M that I wanted (more have since been added lol, but these are to die for). I am one happy woman today :) To be seen SOON! THANKS CATHARINA!



  1. OMG!
    I want those HK polishes!!!

  2. I KNOW RIGHT! They were my biggest lemming, I wanted those so bad! I died when she said she could still get those for me! Peppermint Fusion she was super lucky that they had one more left because they stopped making it, so its nomore!


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