Thursday, October 6, 2011

Layla Magneffect Blue Grey Flow

Today I have another Layla Magneffect polish for you. Blue Grey Flow was the polish that I wanted the most out of the collection released, I just love the ways it looks. In the magnetic polishes, the lighter color is the actual color of the polish before using the magnet. The formula is thick but not unmanageable or sloppy. I used IMN Out The Door as a top coat which sped up the already very fast dry time. I wore this polish for two days, and it looked the same is it did on day one. I used two coats but if I really wanted to I could have gotten away with one. Onto the swatches:

I love this color! I really should have swatched the actual color before doing the effect, so I guess I will do that on my last one when I get ready to swatch it.

The line is how you want to align the magnet on your nail. Whichever direction (up/down, diagonally, across) you aim the magnet will be the direction the design flows.

How are you liking Layla's Magneffects?



  1. This is so cool!
    I need to get some Magnetic polishes soon.

  2. You should, I really love them and they have a pretty nice collection even though I only got 3. AVEYOU online store sells them.


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