Saturday, October 29, 2011

Guest Post: Nails in Nippon

 This is my first guest post and I'm excited! Marketta was kind enough to ask me to do a post for her and I couldn't pass up the chance! I thought a lot about what design I wanted to show and thought this one was perfect. I did this same design last year for Halloween and got so many compliments on it even though it is one of the easiest designs I have done. I was inspired by a picture I found online more than a year ago but I can't find it now, if you know the one I talking about let me know so I can credit it. Anyways, if you would like to see my simple tutorial on black cats keep reading.

First I started with Osaka To Me Orange for my background, you can pick any color you like but just remember the cats will be dark so black or near black polishes will not make the cats visible. I used only orange polish, black and white acrylic paint and glitter polish for this design.

Since this has other designs and I will only be showing a tutorial on the cats I will briefly explain the other nails. For the pumpkin on the thumb start in the center of the nail and make a small triangle pointing down to make the nose. On each side of the nose make a long triangle pointing towards the nose to make eyes. To finish the face make a thin curve line for the mouth and widen it with a few squares to make the teeth. Once you have all of that, take a thin striper brush and makes lines down the pumpkin. My index finger is just a few lines extending out from one point then curved lines going across connecting them together to make a web. I put a bit of glitter on two lines to make it look shiny. The middle and pinkie finger and a couple quick lines with dots and glitter, no real reason to where. Now we come to the cat. He is super easy, trust me. Start by making a good size black circle at the tip of your nail.

Then, above that circle to one side make a slightly smaller circle. At this point you should have something that looks like a lopsided snowman. 

I didn't get a picture of this step before I top coated but from here connect the two circles by making a curved line on each side between the circles, for ears make two triangles on each side of the top of the small circle and an s-curved line connecting to the bottom of the large circle to make a tail. Top coat and you are done!

You can do all of your nails with just the cats but I love it with the lines, webs and pumpkins all together. Thanks to Marketta for posting my tutorial on her blog, it was a blast! I hope you enjoyed them and try them out!

Thanks Tera for the lovely tutorial! Tera's blog is Nails in Nippon and she has lovely tutorials and great swatches, make sure you check her out, I love her blog!



  1. Thank you again for letting me invade your blog, Marketta! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  2. Great tutorial - just as always. :) I love Tera's designs <3 I strongly recommend her blog ;)

  3. Your welcome Tera, thanks for doing one for me :).

    @ kelly & kayono... I know, her free hand is insane!


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